Research shows that the divorce rate in Malaysia is on a steady rise with many factors contributing to its increase. A divorce counsellor can help you to communicate effectively and behave civilly during this emotional and difficult time. Schedule a call with me now so you don’t have to go through this difficult time alone.


You have signed the divorce papers and may be left feeling raw, lost and grieving for the end of the relationship. Speaking to a counsellor helps you sort out your emotions and begin a new life. Schedule a call with me now to kick start the journey to regain your calm.

Schedule a call with me

This is a free 15-minute initial phone consultation with me, where you can ask me questions you have in mind about counselling. Then, you can determine if we are a good fit before we proceed with the counselling process. Schedule a call with me now to regain your calm.

Schedule a Counselling Session With Me

This is a 50 to 55 minute-session where the counselor and you form a professional relationship, and discuss the matter that is troubling you, matters range from work stress to relationship related matters. It is a confidential, collaborative, goal-based process.

The number of sessions require to achieve your goal varies from one individual to another, this will be discussed in the session.

Get in touch with me now to regain your calm.

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